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Subscription packages that fit your needs.


25,00  / month

10k Credits Subscription

  • Define your own tailor-made rules
  • Check images
  • Check text
  • Check videos
  • Check live streams

10.000 credits included
+ 0,0025 € for each additional credit

Best Choice

150,00  / month

100k Credits Subscription

  • Define your own tailor-made rules
  • Check images
  • Check text
  • Check videos
  • Check live streams
  • Support within 24h (Mo-Fr)

100.000 credits included
+ 0,0015 € for each additional credit


1.000,00  / month

1000k Credits Subscription

  • Define your own tailor-made rules
  • Check images
  • Check text
  • Check videos
  • Check live streams
  • Support within 24h (Mo-Fr)

1.000.000 credits included
+ 0,0010 € for each additional credit



Free Credits Subscription

1.000 credits included

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is airis:protect?

airis:protect is the content moderation brand of a startup called irisnet, that specializes in the development of AI’s based on neural networks. Our AI’s help you with your needs in the field of video, image and text analysis.

To whom is the offer addressed?

Our services are initially aimed at all those service providers on the Internet, that want to protect themselves from warnings and who want to keep their platform clean from unwanted content or to encourage their users to design their content in accordance with the rules of the platform.

For example, if you require your users to have profile pictures with exactly one face, you can set the AI rules accordingly and we’ll tell you if the profile picture is compliant. Define further rules, like no children and no nudity and have the AI check that in the same request.

How does it work?

We provide our customers with an API, with which control parameters can be sent and then media can be uploaded to have them checked for the previously sent control parameters. The result follows in real time and transmitted in XML or JSON format (your choice). If desired, a greyed out image can also be downloaded from the AI. See our documentation for detailed information.

How can I make use of the AI?

Our API is designed around the OpenAPI Specification. Whether your platform is coded in c#, java or php, just generate a client using the tools provided by the OpenAPI Specification or visit our GitHub page for other clients.

Are uploaded images saved on the server?

The images uploaded by the customer are not saved permanently. However, these must be temporarily available during analysis by the artificial intelligence. However, the uploaded files are always session-bound and will be permanently deleted at the latest after the session has ended. In addition, a session is automatically ended after 30 minutes of inactivity by the customer.

What are credits?

Credits are a means by which the use of our services can be paid. Credits are only deducted from the account balance when the services is used. After payment has been made, the customer receives a license key which contains the number of credits selected when purchasing. With our subscription plans the credit balance is reset each month. If specified by the chosen subscription plan, each additional credit, outside of the included once, will result in an additional, but small, charge.

How are credits used?

Credits are only used for the use of artificial intelligence. Depending on the effort of the AI, one or more credits can be deducted. The AI decides the effort based on the control parameters transmitted by the user in advance. The expense costs can be requested at any time via our API.

What subscription plan should i choose?

This really depends on your use-case. Do you need to check several thousand pictures a day or is it less than that? Start by subscribing to a plan that you think will fit and change the plan if it does not fit any more. You can even combine subscription plans to better suit your needs.

Still unsure? Get in touch and tell us what do you need checked and how many pictures you want to examine. We are happy to help 🙂

Are there any additional fees?

No. Our payed subscription plans offer a use first, pay later philosophy, except for the first subscription payment. After that, all payments will occur at the end of each subscription period. At this point, you’ll receive an invoice with the monthly subscription cost of the included credits and if consumed, the cost of the additional credits, as a separate position.

What is the length of a subscription?

A subscription plan is automatically renewed until it is cancelled. You can request a cancellation any time you want. The cancellation will then take effect on the end of the subscription period.

How long are purchased credits valid for?

Credits are valid for as long as the subscription has not been cancelled. However credits that are included in the subscription do not carry over to the next period.

How safe is an AI?

The accuracy of an AI is always finite, currently we give the hit accuracy of our AI’s at 95%. This may not sound like much, but in our tests, for a large enough amount of images, the results were better than human agents.

If you don’t believe us, just take 10,000 pictures and moderate them within 1-2 days and compare the result with that of our AI. Although our AI would actually need less than an hour for this 😉